10 Secrets for Selecting Quality and Modern Salon Furniture

When opening a salon business, a few lucky salon owners have it all – a skilled interior designer, a generous budget, and enough time to cherry-pick all essential salon furniture. Some owners can even be as laid back as to pay due attention to all the tiny bits and pieces that give that unique vibe to a salon.

For the rest, selecting salon furniture can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many amazing designs. New pieces on the market are keeping you intrigued, and there are only so many hours in the day. On top of everything, you are doing all this for your clients who think of your salon as of an urban retreat. You’d hate disappointing them.  

While excited clients (and friends and family – no doubt!) are making the calls, eagerly anticipating the new salon launch or maybe just an improved service from your current place, you need to craft a good plan for selecting quality salon furniture.

You want a place that oozes style and comfort. Hundreds of questions crop up on your mind:

“What’s the best place for the retail stand?”

“How many workstations do I need?”

“Can I invest in top quality chairs or rather stick to a more affordable option while putting more into the cabinets and the shelving?”

All legitimate questions!

Let’s look into some secrets that can turn the growing anxiety into a productive imagination, and help you select the most functional salon pieces.

1. Make a budget

It’s good to get the most unpleasant task out of the way first. Make a budget plan and refer back to it when you go through the additional steps.

Having a budget keeps you grounded in reality when selecting the vital salon equipment. But – no worries if you want to splurge on a sophisticated beauty bed, go ahead –  we are all human!

2. Think of your customers

Who is most likely to visit your salon? Will it be urban young people, business persons, more female or more male customers? Is your salon in a family-friendly area with kids?

Getting to the bottom of these issues will help you decide whether you need kids seats, more manicure areas for busy people to revamp nails during a lunch break or an elegant reception desk to make a great first impression.

3. Educate yourself

Do your research because modern salon furniture with new perks gets on the market often.

Think in fashion terms. Beards weren’t a huge trend a decade ago, but went mainstream a few years back, and are still all the rage. Collect information about current trends and adjust your furniture quest accordingly. A not-so-current piece may need to go to the basement, while an eye-catching styling chair grabs all the attention.

4. Have a chat with colleagues

Colleagues are informational treasuries. Your fellow salon owners will clarify a lot of the confusion that comes in leaps and bounds when you need to select:

  • Hair processors
  • Hairdressing basins
  • Spa lounges
  • Stool and trolleys
  • Chairs and cases
  • Waiting lounges
  • Color bars

Meet with experienced hairdressers and beauticians to learn a few secrets of the trade. Make it an informal gathering with a theme of the latest trends in salon furniture and get two birds with one stone – fun and work!

5. Take a bird’s eye view

A ground perspective can feel stiff and limited. No wonder designers create blueprints for optimized salon furniture layouts! Take the bird’s eye view or, even better, visualize a 3D perspective to see how all salon furniture pieces will fit into the space you have.

From there, get to the basics, which takes us to secret number seven on this list:

6. Start with the essentials.

You may have eyed a hairdryer holder or a footrest you think you can’t live without, but it’s best to pick up the essentials first. Chairs, workstations and beauty beds will take up the most space in your salon and add up to be the largest amount on our budget. Therefore, think about the vital salon equipment elements first, and add furniture accessories later.  

7. Keep it functional

Salons and aesthetics are inseparable, but a beautiful design needs to make your daily work as functional as possible. Functionality is about keeping it practical. Placing one smaller makeup station is a viable option for makeup as a side business, but not a great one for a full-stack makeup and beauty parlor. Find the shortest possible routes around the salon and maximize the space you own.

8. But – make it beautiful, too

Truth be told – you can’t make people look and feel beautiful in a bad-looking place. It’s worth spending some time searching online to find an ideal solution that will tick both the practicality and the design boxes. Luckily, there are numerous stunning salon furniture options that will make this hunt a real pleasure.

9. Give it a unique stamp

Now – this is the trickier part. Everyone wants to give an air of individuality to a workplace, especially when working as a creative – that special pizzazz is a must. Selecting salon furniture with a stamp of individuality is not an easy task, but you can make it a breeze if you don’t get lost in the process. In a nutshell, be a visionary, but not a fanatic.

10. Work in progress

In the end, give yourself a moment to breathe a sigh of relief. If you are a perfectionist, you might never get it done. Consequently, set a due date and stick to it. Any extra changes can happen later, as you go along and get the first feel of what it’s like to work in a salon that you’ve just furnished with carefully selected pieces. Don’t fret if you’ve made a mistake – there is always time to get it better.

With these 10 secrets, your pursuit for finding amazing salon furniture will turn into an exciting journey. Keep them in mind, and you’ll end up just the right amount of shivers to keep you alive and confident that you are making the best possible choice for your salon furniture.


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