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9 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Barber Chair

When you are setting up or refitting a salon choosing the right barber chair is an important step.

Every aspect of your space needs to be chosen carefully to make sure it serves your needs, fits your aesthetic, and comes in under budget.

The chairs you choose are particularly important. They form a major part of your style and they are the thing your customers spend the most time experiencing during their visit.

So, sit back, relax, and think about the following questions.

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1: How does my choice in barber chair affect my customer’s experience?

Consider the amount of time your customer spends in your chosen chair. Even the quickest services can feel like an eternity to a client if they are uncomfortable or in pain.

Part of building a strong brand identity is making sure that your customers enjoy their experience with you. All clients talk about their experiences, and you want them talking about how great it was – not how much their back hurt after leaving.

You also want to make sure that your chosen chair accommodates people of all sizes or can be adjusted to do so. Choosing wider chairs, chairs without arm rests, and chairs with a higher weight limit can all help your clientele feel comfortable and welcome in your business.

Take cushioning, width, back height, and sturdiness into account when selecting your barber chair.


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2: Does the chair accommodate barber comfort?

Your barbers are your team and looking out for their ergonomics and comfort is all part of designing an amazing studio.

No matter how stylish or trendy a chair may be, it simply must work for your barbers who will be working behind them day in and day out.

By choosing a chair with good adjustability, reliable pedals and levers, and an intelligent design you can ensure that your team is looked after at work.

Modern day chairs combine timeless good style with easy-to-use controls and sturdy frames – you can get the best of both worlds for your salon.

3: How easy is it to clean and maintain?

In order to extract the longest possible lifespan from your salon furniture it is important that you know how to clean and maintain every piece.

This goes double for soft furnishings.

Learning how to care for and clean upholstery  is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your investment, while making the salon experience nicer for your clients.

Cleaning and maintaining your chairs are regular chores – so before you buy, make sure that it is simple and easy to do so.


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4: Does this chair have all the functionality I need?

It can be tempting to choose the chair that fits your style – or your budget – the best, but functionality is vital to happy customers and barbers.

Modern functionality like high quality lifts, levers, and mechanisms all enhance your shop experience.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for function; you can get the look and feel of vintage paired with comfort and functionality in chairs like the Barber Culture Achilles.


5: Does it enhance my aesthetic?

So, while we aren’t saying that chairs are the most important aesthetic choice you will make – they’re pretty important.

Chairs play a major role in how your customers perceive your business, so you want to get the choice right.

If you are looking to create a bright space then choosing up to date and stylish fixtures is important. Whereas those who want a more vintage or traditional look can choose antique style items to emulate the past.

Whatever your style – maybe you want your clients to feel like royalty, or maybe you’re looking for classic and clean lines – there’s a chair out there perfect for your needs.


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6: Does this choice fit the budget?

There’s usually some wiggle room to be found in any budget, but every choice you make needs to be justified in the long run.

Finding the best chairs for your salon doesn’t need to break the bank. If the budget is starting to sweat then maybe trim back on the luxuries and focus on quality and comfort.


7: Is this a quality chair?

Chances are, if the material quality of your chosen chair is not great then you will end up forking out more cash in the long run to replace and repair.

Fixtures like chairs need to be high quality because they are in constant use. The last thing you want are chairs that look run down – or even put your customer at risk.

Updating old fixtures is one of the best ways to refresh and improve any salon space. Just by updating your chairs you can rejuvenate your space and add a feeling of value for your clients.


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8: Is there a decent warranty on my chair?

Making sure that your chair comes with a sturdy warranty is a good way to protect yourself in the future should you discover a manufacturing fault.

9: What is the added value of this chair?

Thinking about your customer base – what do they value? Do you see enough kids in your chair to warrant grabbing a fun cutting chair, or would an easily stowable and simple kid’s chair  work better?

If you know that your clients would relish kicking back in an ultra-luxurious, comfortable, and stylish chair – and tell their friends about it – then maybe it’s worth the extra investment.

In the end, the chair you choose depends on you and your customers.


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Weigh up your options…

Once you’ve asked yourself all of these things you will be much better placed to make your final decision.

Sometimes, a chair that’s trickier to clean is worth the extra trouble when it fits your aesthetic perfectly.

Or, maybe, your budget is iron clad so you need to choose something less stylish and more functional.

With this guide you can be sure that whatever the balance turns out to be, you’ve considered all the angles.

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