Below are the terms regarding the shipping and delivery of our Products;

-Glammar will calculate your freight charge upon checkout and calculations will be subject to orders that you place before 13:00 PM AEST.

-If you ordered for a furniture Product, it will be shipped between 1 to 5 business days.

-Our Product delivery service providers (Courier Company) works on all days excluding Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays.

-In the event that we have an issue with processing your order and we are not able to solve it within the stated time above, we will contact you via the contact information you have made available when you placed the order. You are hereby advised to provide accurate contact information when placing your order. Glammar will not be responsible to you for any loss incurred due to the incorrect information you provided when you placed the order.

-Once the Product gets to you, you will need to sign before the Product will be released to you.

-After the Product has been released to you, it is your obligation to inspect the Product for completeness. You only have 2 working days to inform us of any issues with the Product.

-It is your obligation to give a correct and accurate shipping address for the delivery of your Product. If there is a misplacement or loss of your Product due to the incorrect shipping address you have provided, Glammar will not be held responsible.