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Equipment Explained: What is the Difference Between Barber Chairs and Styling Chairs?

Barber chairs are different from styling chairs in that they have a reclining feature most suitable for shaving. On the other hand, styling chairs,  provide better positioning for fashioning hair.

That said, the general term for chairs found in salons is ‘salon chair’, a term that encapsulates foot massage chairs, spa massage chairs, styling chairs, and even waiting room chairs.

The questions we will answer today include:

  • Why are barber chairs vital for barbershops and salons?
  • How to pick the right barber chair?
  • Money-saving strategies when shopping for barber chairs. 

Plus, plenty more! In seven minutes or less!

Why are Barber Chairs Vital for Barbershops and Salons?

By design, barber chairs are supposed to look sleek, simple, and elegant without compromising comfort. See the thing is, a barber shop’s chair job description is twofold, one is to capture the customer’s attention, and two is to help get the job done right.

Thus, your barber chair is both a marketing tool and a functional tool. By functional I mean, it has to be useful. To clarify, the Aforementioned claim, “the main difference between a barber chair and a styling chair is the reclining feature”, although simplistic, holds some truth to it in that, they way barber chairs are built allows users to position them at angles best suited for cutting. But that doesn’t mean that these chairs can’t be used interchangeably.

Consequently, if you run a styling salon, but have mad cutting skills or on a budget. There is no harm in going for a barber chair instead of a styling chair.

The point is, in theory, either chair can serve the other’s function. But a barber chair is a way better all-rounder, make sense?

The benefits of getting a barber chair include:

  • Multipurpose use: Can be used for styling and shaving, unlike styling chairs that are best suited for styling
  • Maximum comfort and relaxation: the right barber chair turn a shaving session into therapy for customers
  • Aesthetic: barber chairs are part of your brand and are supposed to fit in with your overall aesthetic, so choose wisely

All these benefits raise the question:

Barber Chairs Buying Guide

Instagram will load in the frontend.

The general rule of running a beauty or styling business is “provide superior services more efficiently”. It’s about creating an experience that clients look forward to going back to.

You might think, “as long as it gets the job done, it is all good”. But in reality, the wrong chair will ruin the experience, why?

Research has found most men enjoy 15 to 20 minutes of shaving because it relaxes the mind and reduces stress. Uncomfortable chairs or ones unsuitable for shaving hinder blood circulation, decrease concentration, and increase fatigue, thereby, ruining your customer’s overall experience.

Your barbershop’s aesthetic 

Branding is a very important aspect of running a barbershop as it tells clients who you are, the atmosphere inside, and whether or not they will come back. That means, if you fail at capturing client attention in the first 30 seconds after walking into your shop, you have failed at marketing.

What look, or rather story, are you trying to tell with your barbershop furniture?

Do you want a modern feel? Classic? Vintage or sporty?

Whatever look, there is a barber chair suitable for that. So, my advice is, the better quality your chair is, and how it fits your aesthetic the better the experience. Think long term, and spend more if you have to. Remember, cheap… buys cheap!

But also, the most expensive barber chair is not always the most comfortable or best quality.

The point is, compare prices and use quality and looks as your guiding principle.

What are looks without functionality?

It may look appealing to the eye, but, if your barber chair does not serve its function. Then it is just consuming space.

Primarily, a barber’s chair is supposed to do four things:

  • Recline to suitable angles
  • Swivel easily
  • Head and footrests should be adjustable or removable.
  • Height adjusts whenever needed.

You don’t want to fight the chair when a client is sitting on it, do you?

If all the above checks out, the next factor to consider is how much weight the chair can comfortably hold.

To enumerate, clients come in all shapes and sizes and any accident that occurs on your premises is your responsibility especially if its related to your equipment. What I’m saying is, it is good practice to get a chair that can hold a lot of weight without interfering with function, particularly height adjustment.

Remember those moments of terror when you feel your chair falling from under you? That’s what you want to avoid. Here are some great options!

Rich snippets when searching for barber chair

Is your barber chair easy to clean?

The human head is an entire ecosystem, consequently, dandruff and many other nasties can be found in people’s hair. On top of that, hair cutting itself results in debris.

Ever tried getting dust and dander from upholstery?

An easy to clean barber chair does much more than make your place look tidy. It is also beneficial to people who are prone to allergies or have asthma.

Consequently, you need a barber chair that’s easy to clean.

Examples of easy to clean fabrics include:

  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

The problem with cotton, wool, linen, and silk is these materials are less resistant to stains and often fade faster!

How long will your barber chair last?

How long your barber chair lasts depend on two things, one is the quality of construction, and two is the material used.

Nylon, polyester, and acrylic are all durable materials with their perks and downsides. Therefore, pick a material best suited for your clientele.

Presently, Quality and durability often trigger thoughts like “that’s too expensive”.

But ask yourself this, what’s more beneficial? A barber chair that lasts 20 years or one that breaks down in 6 months? The truth is, there are barber chairs suitable for all budgets. However, that does not mean to go for the cheapest one!

Think of this as a long-term investment, and if it gets the job done right. You will be on your way to recovering what you spent on it faster than you can say “that was a bad financial decision”. 

Superior comfort

The human body is a very delicate machine, think about it, sit wrong for an hour, and the consequences may last decades.

Furthermore, one of the major reasons Australians go to the ER is severe back pain.

Maximum comfort entails:

  • Adequate lumbar support
  • Proper fitting
  • Foot support
  • Butt cushioning
  • No stress in the middle chest

You want a chair that allows your clients to breathe easy or one that can support a quick nap without feeling like you’ve been breaking rocks in the outback.

Part 2: Money-Saving Strategies When Shopping for Barber Chairs

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If you are in the market for a barber chair or barbershop furniture in general. Here is a foolproof strategy to save you money both in the short and long run.

Know what you want

Google the term barber chair and you will get millions of results. All that information can be overwhelming if you have no idea what you want. Consequently, the overriding idea is to use the aforementioned qualities of a good barber chair to make your decisions.

What to look for in a barber chair:

  • Aesthetics for marketing purposes
  • Comfort to improve customer experience
  • Ease of cleanliness and maintenance
  • Quality and durability

The idea is, carefully read product details and compare them. An even better option is to see the item in use on social media.

Another thing I must mention, don’t impulse buy barbershop furniture, instead, save up for a couple of months if you must and get a quality product that won’t need replacing anytime soon.

Get sales alerts

Most furniture retailers including Glammar, update furniture offers regularly. Taking advantage of such offers and clearance sales will save you money on quality furniture.

An easy way to stay updated is to follow us on social media so that you will always know when a good deal is on the table. Another easy way to save money is by purchasing discounted gift cards.


 Buy cast-offs or second-hand barber chairs

Quality barber chairs are built to last, meaning, if you find someone in your locale who is willing to part with one. You should go for it, but only if it’s in good condition or if the damage on it can easily be repaired.

I must mention that when buying second-hand furniture, it is important to see the item in person before the money is exchanged. So, take an afternoon drive to a local flea market or garage sales and haggle as if your life depended on it. To strengthen your haggling position, act like you know exactly what you want even if you can’t tell a styling chair from a barber chair.

Don’t forget, a second-hand chair may end up costing you more than a new one in the long run.
Brand names are unimportant

Branded barber chairs are often very expensive, the problem is, if you look around, it’s possible to find furniture items of the same quality at even half the price. On top of that, a good carpenter can turn a normal chair into a branded one by simply sewing in a new fabric on the frame (if you must have your Gucci!).

Or he or she needs is the material used.

Furniture customization is not that complicated in the right hands and if done right, it will improve the overall aesthetic of your business. Therefore, if you are on a very tight budget, you can go for a cheaper chair with a solid frame then get it customized to your liking.

Go for neutral-coloured barber chairs

Did you know that some chairs are more expensive than their compatriots simply because they are of a different colour? It is a marketing gimmick that plays on the collective need to stand out from the competition.

That said, it is good practice to go for furniture colours that complement the overall aesthetic of your business. However, neutral colours such as black, brown, or white, will fit any setting. Another great thing about buying neutral-coloured furniture is you can accentuate the colour with work overalls, curtains, pillows, plants or other deco items in your arsenal,

Barber Chair Make-over: How to Make old Fixtures Look Expensive

A new barber chair in a drab boring space is an injustice, but, just because you bought a new chair does not mean that you have to buy everything. All you need to do is make your space more welcoming, and that is achievable by:

  • Add a fresh coat of paint to both furniture and space
  • Replace handles, dull fixtures, and bring in more natural light
  • Old furniture should be re-upholstered


The cost of shipping

It is surprising how many people never factor in the cost of shipping into their budget. additionally, to get to your place, a truck, fuel, and the driver will be used. These are all payments you will have to make, and they can add up big time when not careful.

If you have a truck or can borrow one, you can save on delivery. Also, factoring in shipping costs into your budget will help you avoid hidden costs. So, to be safe, buy from a trusted dealer in your area.


Buying a barber chair is necessary, in that, it improves customer experience and adds to the overall aesthetic of your business. These multifunction chairs can be used interchangeably with styling chairs and offer maximum comfort if you buy the right one.

The right barber chair is comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and offers superior comfort. You can rely on Glammar to deliver all that if you are within Australia and surrounding territories!

What more would you like to know about barber chairs, or did we leave anything out? Tell us in the comments and check out this month’s deals here.



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