Furniture Arrangement: How Do you Furnish an Awkward Shaped Salon?

Furniture Arrangement: How Do you Furnish an Awkward Shaped Salon?

Furniture arrangement in any type of room or space is back-breaking work. To avoid having to undo all you have done, here’s how to furnish an awkwardly shaped room in 5 simple steps!

When tasked with furnishing an empty room, most people digress from the task because they think that their ideas are not good enough. Let me ask, how many times have you asked for second opinions or moved that reception desk or barber chair this year?

Hard to remember, isn’t it?

The reason you are stuck might be because you are unaware of the principles of interior design and furniture arrangement. Here are common-sense rules for arranging furniture in any type of salon!

How should I arrange my salon furniture?

The thing is, it is not a good idea to devote all your space to furniture. Instead, furniture arrangement should be done in a way that it allows enough legroom and doesn’t intrude on client privacy. For example, mirrors are great for lighting and creating the illusion of more space. But improper placement might make some clients unhappy.

Question is, how do you strike that balance between functionality and privacy needs?

Furniture arrangement step 1: Double up functionality and optimize for flow

Not all rooms are indeed square-shaped, thus, you might have to work in a very small space or an awkward space. For the said reason and to save space, you should go for furniture items that have multiple uses.

During furniture arrangement, the idea is, find a balance, whereby, people within the space don’t have to put in extra effort to do common daily tasks such as cleaning or walking. That’s’ why experts recommend that you arrange your salon furniture following the principles of traffic flow.

The principles of traffic flow encompass three things, that is:

  • Density
  • Speed
  • The gap between furniture in a traffic stream

Salon furniture arrangement: density, how much space should each person have?

The average stylist or barber needs two things, a quality workstation, and a work chair. Basic math tells me that that adds up to about 150 square feet. However, on some occasions, a stylist may require more or have less.

For a workplace, 150 square feet is plenty but you might not have the luxury to allow this kind of space to be dedicated to a single purpose. Consequently, you can save space in awkward shaped rooms by opting for a studio salon or barbershop. Do you own home makeup studio furniture?

If so, that space is enough for a stylist.

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Salon furniture arrangement: Speed, how fast or slow can you navigate your space?

If you keep running into an obstacle with every step, then you have failed at arranging. See, legroom is not just about walking in and out, ample legroom means fewer accidents and conflicts between staff. Therefore, make sure that your space is easy to navigate.

The gap between furniture in a traffic stream

Ever hit your ankle or knee very hard? Sucked, didn’t it?

What you don’t want is dangerous objects in the path and you don’t want to move heavy furniture pieces very too often. Consequently, pay attention to gaps between furniture and make sure sharp ends don’t stick out or water doesn’t spill in main walking areas.

Furniture Arrangement Step 2: buy furniture that suits your space or go mobile

One of the dumbest mistakes you can make is buying salon furniture that doesn’t fit your space. On the opposite, the smartest thing you can do this year is to go mobile.

The concept of mobile salons has been around for decades. Just like delivering food. Going mobile means delivering your services and that will require you to work in awkward spaces such as a van, trailer, or bus. To go mobile, you will need the basic such as styling products, brushes, combs blow dryers, and other tools.

Next, you will need lightweight salon furniture to help you save a little on gas. Lightweight chairs are recommended so that they are easy to move and won’t require heavy lifting.

If you prefer to keep your business stationery, then leverage the principle of traffic to ensure that everything fits.

Furniture Arrangement, Step 3: turn an existing space into a Styling station

Your salon business doesn’t have to be centred in one spot. By that I mean, empty or unused spaces such as a garden shed, spaces within an existing business, or any space you can find will work.

This option is suitable for small operations or individuals who prefer to do the job themselves. For example, if you work in a hotel or shop or anywhere with high leg traffic, find a small spot and set up your operation. Remember, all you need is a workstation and a chair! If you do plan to offer colouring services you will need access to water and minimum requirement is a portable basin.

A small space or awkward room doesn’t have to appear that way, you make it so by putting in too many items displayed. To create the illusion of space, you should:

  • Employ lots of light, but not too much!
  • Avoid too much detailing.
  • Give your space some personality (themes).

You can go for a bold, elegant look, a fun look, or whichever personality you want. It all depends on colour arrangement and light.

Also, portable storage spaces save space!!

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Furniture Arrangement Step 4: put workstations at arm’s length

The person you are working on doesn’t have much to do with his or her legs, thus they are confined to the seat throughout the entire duration of the procedure. Consequently, avoid layouts that give too much room to prospects. Just make sure that the seat is comfortable and the client can get off the chair easily without interfering with the person on either side.

In any room, light is very important. If neglected or placed carelessly, it can lead to accidents, complaining customers, and an imbalanced feel. To counter this problem, use a mix of overhead lighting, workstation lighting, and floor lamps.

Rich snippets when searching for salon furniture arrangement

To enhance user experience or to promote your products, install lights on shelves where you have on sale items or to showcase artwork.

Furniture Arrangement Step 5: organize your beauty clutter

Storage space should be shared in small salons not only to save space… but to also facilitate easy movement. The problem with permanent or stationary storage spaces is, just that, it takes too much effort to move. To beat this conundrum, you should invest in mobile storage spaces such as this:

To control beauty clutter, you should:

  • Get rid of expired makeup and damaged equipment. If an item in your inventory doesn’t serve any purpose or is seldom used, get rid of it! Or, keep it somewhere else.
  • Keep your space clean: burnt hair, hair chemicals, and beauty products, in general, can make your space smell and look bad. Consequently, cleaning should be done regularly.
  • Organize items by category: know what is where at all times to avoid those awkward moments where the customer is sitting there waiting for you. An even better option is to use clear storage.

Use your wall space 

Placing stylists’ stations against walls is beneficial in that it clears the space in between. This allows for better traffic flow but can hinder privacy. An alternative is to place workstations back to back in a similar manner kitchen islands are installed.

Of course, the space you have will determine the best suitable setup. So, experiment with different positions until you find something that works.

Salon furniture arrangement (part 2): Is there an app to help you arrange salon furniture?

Nowadays, you can find an app for almost anything, including salon furniture arrangement. Therefore, the important question is, are furniture arrangement apps worth it?

Kind of, I guess. But remember, most of the time visual representations don’t reflect the true outcome. Meaning, a piece of furniture may look perfect on an app but fit very differently in practice. That’s where a good old tape measure comes in handy.

A tape measure allows you to Measure all passages, stairways, entries, and destinations for your furniture. Trust me, you don’t want to buy a couch that doesn’t fit your stairway or entries. Apps on the other hand only show you what the item will look like at its final destination.

But don’t forget, you can always use apps and tape measures in tandem.

How do you place salon furniture in a small room?

  • Follow the principles of flow.
  • Use plenty of lighting.
  • Get rid of clutter.
  • Get mobile storage spaces.
  • Arrange stylist workstations against walls or each other.
  • Put workstations at arm’s length.

How do you arrange furniture in an awkward salon space?

That depends on the type of space you have, so we suggest you use the same rules mentioned above.


Salon furniture arrangement is something that’s easier done than said. By that I mean the best way to go about it is to move fixtures around until you find a setup that works. However, moving furniture should not be done aimlessly, instead, stick to the principles of traffic flow and all should be well.

And don’t forget about the importance of lighting and decluttering. The cleaner your setup looks, the larger and more attractive it is!

How do you furnish an awkwardly shaped room? Tell us your fantastic ideas in the comments!!


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