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Furniture Shopping: The A-Z Of Buying Quality Salon Furniture On A Budget

Furniture shopping is an expensive endeavour that often leaves you with less money and sometimes a useless fixture in your arsenal. If you run a salon, barbershop, or beauty parlour, everything within your space should serve a specific purpose. 

Today, we explore the intricacies of furniture shopping and explain how to get top-shelf furniture at reasonable rates every time!

Furniture shopping part 1: where can I get good quality furniture?

Online furniture shopping is risky in that most of the items cost plenty of money, consequently, it pays to purchase from a reliable dealer in your area or country. The reason for that is if something goes wrong, like if say your new barbershop chair doesn’t arrive on time or it comes damaged, you can always take an afternoon stroll to the dealer.

If you are in Australia, the safest bet is Glammar. This is a locally owned business that delivers every time, and yes, they have a brick and mortar address.


Websites pop up day and night. Without a physical address, it means that that website can disappear at any moment with your hard-earned money and you’ll have no way of recovering either your cash or what you bought.

The point is, always buy from a registered local business!

Remember, the longer the travel distance, the higher the probability of damage, and the more you’ll have to wait!

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Furniture shopping, evaluating needs versus wants

Will you use it?

I ask that because, for some, the sight of discounts, deals, and such, prompts impulse buying. Accordingly, furniture shoppers often don’t stop to think, “maybe my styling chair has 12 more years on it or that with a little repair, you might not need to purchase another in the first place”.

To espouse, in Australia, one of the many reasons lots of people are in debt is loans on furniture. Now picture this, you take a loan to buy furniture, and that item either serves no purpose or breaks down before you are done paying for it. Sucks, right?

The reason for that is, most people can’t tell the difference between wants and needs. Admittedly, the majority of items we own fall into the want’s category.

To tell the difference between what you want and what you need when furniture shopping, you should:

  • Ask: Does your business need the item to survive?
  • Categorise your priorities.
  • Work with what you have.

Does your salon, barbershop, or business need the item to survive?

Any beauty parlour has essential items that ensure its survival, for example, running a barbershop without a barber’s chair makes your work harder than it should. It is also stressful for your clients and can trigger a mass exodus from your business. The same is true with a beauty salon workstations.

Consequently, ‘your needs’ refer to any item that’s used regularly to get the job done. On the other hand, a want is an item that might serve a purpose but is not that important to the client. Like, say, pieces of art, a very expensive waiting lounge, and so on. Can you run a business without a basin, salon chairs or products?

Categorise your priority

Following the logic above, before purchase or when furniture shopping, categorise furniture into four categories;

  • High priority needs.
  • Low priority needs.
  • High priority wants.
  • Low priority wants.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘MOSCOW’ method, a phrase that stands for “must-have, should have, could have, and won’t have”. Using the MOSCOW method is beneficial in that it puts priority items front and centre. Any money left after purchasing priority items can be spent on high priority wants going down the hierarchy.

Think of it as a reverse pyramid, where priority items take the bulk of your budget.

Appreciate what you have

Wanting things is an in-built desire present in all of us. Think about it, if we didn’t want things, then there’d be very little need to work or to run a business.

That said, the main problem with wanting ‘things’ is, sometimes you forget about what you have. Remember, just because upholstery has a hole in it doesn’t mean that you need a new one. Sometimes all you need is a little repair here and there.

In the long run, taking good care of what you have and appreciating it, will save you more money than you can spend on what you truly want, make sense?


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The problem with buying furniture on impulse

Online furniture shopping opens the doors for designs from all over the planet, thus, it doesn’t limit you to buying from local sources only. but that’s wherein the problem lies.

According to Ian Zimmerman Ph.D., impulse buying is triggered by three aspects, that is social needs, status, and image concern. What does he mean?

Impulse buyers buy for the sake of looking good in the eyes of others, hence, they don’t buy with a purpose! On the other hand, buying with purpose means fulfilling an existing need in your business.

The point is, stop buying salon furniture because it looks “pretty” if you are on a limited budget. Instead, prioritise functionality over aesthetics.


Part 2: the dos and don’ts of furniture shopping on a budget

For most, 2020 is a difficult year and if things continue as is, the subsequent years will be equally problematic. Consequently, buying furniture on a budget is quickly becoming the new norm. the logic being, cut wastage as much as possible.

To that end, you should:

Replicas aren’t always low quality

One of the many traps marketers use to trick you into buying overpriced items is the thought that “knockoffs are bad”. While there is some truth to that, it is also true that not all replicas or knockoffs are bad quality, the same is true with second-hand furniture.

In reality, as long as an item has a solid construction, is made of quality materials and offers needed functionality. It will get the job done!

Furthermore, how long replica furniture lasts is dependent on how you use or abuse it.

Additionally, low-quality parts can be switched with higher quality ones. The point is, don’t buy furniture just because it says Gucci on it. Instead, focus on the task at hand. I.e., if it gets the job done in the right way, go for it!

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Look for budget-friendly salon furniture deals

The beauty of online shopping is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home! Consequently, you get to cover more area without breaking a sweat.

On top of that, online furniture shopping comes with benefits such as seasonal, monthly, or in some cases daily deals. You might get 30% off, 20% off, and so on. Because of that, take a day or two to look for deals or browse social media before settling on an item. Consider quality secondhand salon furniture if on a really tight budget.

Don’t just buy furniture from anybody 

As mentioned above, anyone with the right knowledge can start a website. As a consequence, you must be selective about what you buy and from whom. Furthermore, making careful furniture purchase entails doing research or finding a reliable dealer with a physical address.

We already talked about the importance of businesses having a physical address, scroll up if you missed it.

In general, the characteristics of quality furniture include:

  • Weight: heavier furniture tells you better wood or metal was used in construction.
  • Finishing: finishing tells you everything you need to know about the work that went into that item.
  • Material and fabric: go for fabric such as leather that lasts longer or can take more abuse.
  • Functionality: salon/barbershop furniture should easily recline and height adjust.
Buy the best quality you can afford when furniture shopping

Quality means durability! Meaning, higher quality products tend to last longer than lower quality ones. Furthermore, investing in high-quality salon furniture saves you more money in the long run because, you won’t have to spend lots of cash on replacements, repair, or parts anytime soon. Therefore, set a realistic budget.

It might hurt financially for a little while, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Read product reviews and see the item in use

Social media has revolutionised the way we buy furniture in more ways than one. If you are worried about how an item will fit your space or aesthetic, all you have to do is see other people use it.

If, say, a beauty salon such as the one below trusts a particular retailer for its furniture needs, then it means that your money is safe. On the other hand, a retailer that lacks social media presence might be hiding something. Remember, if you are producing quality, you’d want everyone to see it, correct?

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Measure, measure, measure

The internet is chock-full of stories about people purchasing items only to find out the proportions are not right. In effect, some people end up buying miniature replicas instead of the real thing.

To avoid falling into this trap, you have to be good at measuring and reading product details.

Other ways to protect your purchases include:

  • Only shop from secure websites
  • Factor in shipping costs into your budget
  • Check the return policy
  • Check store reviews on social media
  • Only shop from websites with physical addresses
  • Read product descriptions
  • Compare prices
  • Consider taxes


Furniture shopping requires proper planning and forethought. Henceforth, the easiest way to get quality furniture every time is to find a reliable dealer near your home or within your country. Select items in-store and organise delivery to save you the hassle of carrying the furniture or order online!

An added protection is to get warranties or guaranties in case you don’t get what you ordered.

Our advice, prioritise needs over wants, shop for deals regularly, plan your purchases, and most importantly prioritise functionality and construction over brands. All you need to do now is prepare for your furniture delivery!

Did we leave out anything? Or do you have anything to add? Tell us in the comments and all your questions will be answered promptly!

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