Hair Salon Decor Trends to Follow

Hair Salon Decor Trends to Follow

If we are to be 100-percent honest, today’s customers don’t just walk in your salon asking for a trim, expecting to be sent back with nothing more than the hottest hairstyle. The hair salon is much more – a place for connection, pampering, and a total mind-body wellness. If you want to deliver that – yes, it’s in the hair stylist’s job description to offer a little love to customers – giving your salon an occasional design overhaul is a sure hit.

doesn’t love being pampered in a place of rare magic that’s providing the right dose of serenity and elegance, and be able to get out all made up, feeling like a totally new person?

Although you don’t always need to go that far to impress your customers, it’s still a good idea to keep up with recent hair salon decor trends and borrow a few to give your place a reboot.  

So, what are the some of the hot-of-the-rails, as well as timeless hair salon decor trends, that will help you stay attractive and competitive on the hairstyling market?

Natural and organic.

Yes, going all natural and organic is still in. Considering the green minimalism of fewer product additives, clean design lines, long shelves of organic products, and picture-perfect cleanliness, this hair salon decor trend is here to stay.


Holistic is about the full-body treatment, which means that a hair salon will be designed with a lot more than just hair in mind. Most customers like having many things done at the same time, especially if they are too busy to spend hours on several separate salon services. Follow the customer need for total body wellness with a multi-purpose hair salon decor. Think of hairdressing tables, facials, and spas that possess the same stylistic elements to reflect the holistic note, making the customer feel cocooned and well taken care of.  


Like it or not, you can’t escape technology, even if you are all about old-age glamour. Technology will help you run your work life with a breeze. Regardless of how much you like to avoid the business office feeling, you can make great use of applying technology trends in your work, such as mobile payments, online booking, and video presentations of your latest work. These elements can be seamlessly integrated into the salon layout to help you stay productive as the day goes along. As an extra bonus, you can use the tech tendency to stay present in your customer’s lives, for instance, over social media.


Pick a theme and stick to it. It can be refreshing to add an element of surprise by making an outing to a completely contrasting hair salon decor trend, but make it less often if you don’t want to off-put a legion of loyal customers. Remember, they are visiting your hair salon not only for getting a great service, but also for a carefully chosen theme that bodes well with their taste.  


Call it dated or call it old-age, there is a certain kind of alchemy to traditional hair salon decor. Designing your hair place in this way brings back memories to 40s and 50s hair grooming. Then, it was all about the hair. Hair was particularly high-maintenance, not to mention the feeling of trust and reassurance customers get from seasoned-looking barber shops or vintage pop art.


This one is not for minimalists. If you are not happy with standard-sized mirrors, make them colossal. Add gigantic lights to emphasize image reflection and create a light play. Everything seems bigger with a dramatic hair salon decor style, so if you are the modest type, take smaller steps toward adopting this style by a pop of color on your walls.


Excessive details, dysfunctional accessories, and a stylistic chaos are never a good option for a hair salon decor. Such mistakes create distractions, drawing attention away from the customers, making them feel less important. That’s something you want to avoid at all costs. To make it all about the customer, follow the journey he or she will take from the salon entrance to the hairdressing chair and back, nurturing customer needs with carefully selected furniture pieces, pictures, lights and promotional material. Your hair salon decor should constantly deliver your brand message.      

Spacious front desk.

Many salons save on the front desk space to get more room for chairs, basins, cabinets, and hairstyling equipment. But, think about it – isn’t it crucial to make a great first impression? This is why a spacious front desk area is a great hair salon decor idea for a stimulating and an invigorating customer experience.

Plants and lights.

This trend will not work for all hair salons. However, if you are blessed with natural light, make the most of it. Don’t suffocate the space with crowded furniture or by putting too many artificial lights and decorations. Plants can mesmerize and subtly decorate a room without needing undivided attention. Skillfully combined together, lights and plants can create an outdoor feeling, not often associated with city hair retreats, and help your salon stand out in the ocean of identical urban hair salon decors.    


No one can deny the power of art. It never fades out. Beauty and art are a dynamic combination, and hairstyling is all about art, too. So – you can’t go wrong with incorporating art pieces into your hair salon decor ideas. Going artsy can be tricky and it can mean so many different things to different people. Therefore, this hair salon decor is best done by professionals.

A salon decor idea doesn’t need to be brand new. Some of the best ideas are timeless and work perfectly regardless of how original they are, simply because they have stood the test of time with diverse visitors over a longer period. Following hair salon decor trends doesn’t mean that you have to spend tons of money. Sometimes, variously shaped and sized scissors placed on a wooden wall can make all the difference and really stick out even when compared to luxury ideas.

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