Hair Salon Interior Design: How to design and style your salon

The atmosphere of your salon is the first thing your client will soak in the moment they step through that door.

When your client shows up to an appointment, they’re not only there for that haircut or colour, but they’re there for the whole experience. 

Some can spend up to hours in the salon, so they want to be in an environment that is comfortable, welcoming and relaxing.

hair salon interior design
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It all boils down to the interior of your salon, so it’s important that thought and effort is being put into it – and with so many different salons around these days, there is no better time than to make sure yours stands out amongst the others. 

Whether you’re in the process of opening your own salon or you’re looking to give your space a re-do, we have some great tips that will get you feeling inspired.

Choosing the Best Colour Scheme For Your Salon Interior:

The colour scheme is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make for your salon interior design. 

From paint to flooring, furniture, and finishes, colour has a massive effect on the mood of your salon and how it looks and feels, so it’s important that you take the time to carefully choose the right colour palette for your space. 

hair salon interior
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If you are starting from scratch and don’t yet have a solid idea of your colour scheme, we suggest that you make your final decision on the colours of your paint and fabrics last as the options of these are vast, and to decide first on the colours of elements that have more limited colour options such as flooring, furniture and finishes. 

If you’re redoing your salon, consider the tones and colours of your existing flooring, fabrics and furniture and incorporate them into your colour palette. 

When considering your colour palette, it’s important that you have an understanding of the basics of the colour theory to know how different shades, tones and temperatures affect the mood and space of your salon. 

For example, lighter colours typically make the area feel more spacious, while darker colours tend to make the space feel smaller and somewhat claustrophobic. 

Warm colours tend to make your salon feel more vibrant and inviting, whereas cooler colours are often used to create a relaxed and calm space. 

Natural colour tones can also be used to achieve a peaceful environment.

Monochrome Salon Interior Design:

Maybe you’re a minimalist or maybe you just want to ditch the complications of choosing colours and lean towards a monochromatic colour scheme.

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A monochromatic interior can be quite visually pleasing, however it’s easy for it to appear on the plain or boring side. 

A good way to make monochrome work for your salon interior is to use a selection of different tones and tints of black and/or white throughout your space. 

You could go even further and incorporate different prints, patterns and textures of your chosen monochrome tones into your furniture, fabrics and finishes.

Complementary colours:

Maybe you want your salon interior to be more eye-catching, and in this case, you may want to go for colours that contrast each other. 

You’d want to start by choosing colours that sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel.

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This also means you can have fun with your complementary colour palette and combine cool and warm colours together, for example a cool turquoise can be complemented by a bold orange. 

While the two complementary colours will bounce off each other’s intensities, they can balance each other out too.

Analogous colours:

If you’re wanting to go for a more soothing vibe, then an analogous palette maybe for you. 

This works by choosing two or three colours that sit right next to or close to each other on the colour wheel, which means you’d have different hues of the same family of colours, creating a consistent look for your salon interior and colours that work together in harmony. 

For example, if beige is your main colour, you can spread the palette throughout your salon with different shades of beige and creams.

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Furniture for a Supreme look:

A hair salon of course isn’t a hair salon without its salon chairs, basins, trolleys, shelves etc, but you can’t just be throwing any old pieces of furniture in there. 

They need to conform to your overall salon design or complement it. 

So it’s important that thought and effort is being put into your furniture selection and that design and colours are being considered.

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But your salon furniture shouldn’t only be treated as your aesthetic elements – they should also be durable and of good quality for the long run. 

You should also get to know the store’s delivery options and warranty offers. 

For example, Glammar offers a 12 month back to base warranty as well as fast and flexible delivery options Australia-wide.


Although lighting may be one of the last things you’ll consider in your salon interior design, it is this detail that could really make or break your interior and customer satisfaction. 

You don’t want to be throwing in lights for the sake of it though.

They need to be incorporated in a way that will complement and flatter your interior. 

Not only does your lighting affect the atmosphere and mood of your salon, but it also reflects on your services and how your client is able to see their hair results accurately, especially after a colour service.

hair salon interior design
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You want your clients to feel good in front of that mirror so you must be mindful about positioning your lighting so that the complexion is directly lit and shadows are eliminated. 

The easiest way to do this is by positioning the lighting on either sides of the mirror.

Firstly, you want to decide on the temperature of your lighting as well as understand the basic of the Kelvin scale.

A warm temperature which is at the lower end of the scale (between 2000K and 3000K and ranges from orange to yellow-white) can typically be more flattering on the complexion and compliments most salon interiors, but you also don’t want to go too warm.

A cool temperature (between 3100K and 4500K and ranges from cool white to bright white) is typically less flattering in a salon environment and can tend to feel too clinical and wash out your clients.

hair salon interior design ideas
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The right bulb temperature will tie into the overall design of your salon, but aim for a bulb in the middle range of the Kelvin scale (3000 to 4000) with a Color Rendering Index from 80 or higher.

It’s also important you choose lighting that accurately shows your client’s hair colour. 

You don’t want them walking out that door to see they have a completely different colour to what they saw in the salon.


Did you know scientific studies have proven the positives of having more greenery in the workspace?

Not only is incorporating greenery into your salon interior a great way to make your space look more attractive and feel fresh and comfortable, but it also has many positive benefits on practicality and productivity.

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For example, positioning pot plants in multiple locations of your salon or having a moss wall not only makes your salon look sophisticated and fresh, but it also purifies the air and reduces noise.

Using plants to reduce noise can be very beneficial when there is unwanted or distracting noise around such as background chatter, noisy children and loud outside traffic.

Plants have also been found to significantly reduce stress amongst workers and boost productivity which can be very beneficial in a hair salon environment as it can promote wellbeing and performance.

Additionally, the colour green is also known to have a relaxing and calming effect, so if you feel that your interior and salon mood is missing this, then incorporating greenery into the salon is a great way to make up for it.

If you or your employees are not able to maintain the plants, installing high-quality artificial plants or garden walls that don’t require being watered could be a good solution for you.

how to style your salon
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Waiting Area:

Your waiting area is usually the first thing your clients will notice when they walk through that door, so it’s important that this part of your salon doesn’t go amiss when you’re planning out your salon interior. 

Sometimes you get walk-in’s or sometimes your client may turn up early, which is when they may need to take a seat in the waiting area, so you want it to feel comfortable and welcoming. 

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Typically, your waiting area would consist of furniture including a reception desk and seats for your waiting clients which could be chairs or a sofa, and maybe some plants or wall art depending on the salon style.

For example, if you’re looking for more comfort, then a sofa lounge may be what you’re after. 

You don’t want to be sticking furniture and other elements in there for the sake of it though – you want it to actually flow with the rest of your interior.

Glammar has a range of furniture for waiting areas with designs that can cater to your salon style.

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