Home Salon Equipment: Give Your Home's Beauty Space The Ergonomic Makeover It Deserves

Home Salon Equipment: Give Your Home’s Beauty Space The Ergonomic Makeover It Deserves

When shopping for HOME SALON EQUIPMENT, it pays to know what goes where and why. So, if you are looking to design a ‘beauty space’ built for comfort and efficiency at home, this guide is for you!

Men have their “man caves”! And we believe women too should designate private spots in the home where you can unwind and experiment with hair, make up, and such. don’t you agree?

To clarify, an ergonomic salon is one that is built for functionality, meaning, the home salon equipment you purchase must enable you to get the job done right every time. That means avoiding single-purpose items and creating a space that you want to spend your time in! could be from your kids, pet, or even your other half!

You deserve, your ‘you island’, and here is how to make one in 5 minutes or less!

Home salon equipment guide part 1: what is ergonomic furniture?

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As hinted at above, the term ‘ergonomic furniture’ refers to products that have been designed with human body movement, functionality, and comfort in mind. Accordingly, going by that definition, home salon equipment you should buy must fit the following requirements, that is:

  • Convenience and aesthetics should be second to usability/ functionality.
  • Support natural human seating or lying position is vital.
  • Be easily adjustable to accommodate different postures and heights.
  • Reduce muscle, bones, and joint stress.

This brings us to the question, what ergonomic home salon equipment should I get?

Ergonomic home salon equipment list:

1.     Ergonomic vanity mirror

Cutting hair, putting on makeup and all other ‘acts of beauty’ serve one main purpose, that is, to make yourself look good and get a little confidence boost. Consequently, you need a mirror to judge your work. To that end, you must first ask:

How do I choose the right mirror?

When picking mirrors, there are three things to consider, one is size, two, style, and three is taste and preference, for example, if you don’t like circular or oval mirrors, no one will force you to buy these items. Thus, get a mirror that gets the job done, suits your home’s aesthetic, and most importantly, a mirror that you enjoy looking at.

The point is, there is NO best proportionate mirror for your home salon, thus, don’t waste your time overthinking this, instead, get a vanity mirror, why?

What is a vanity mirror?

A vanity mirror is any type of mirror built for everyday use, it could be portable, free-standing, wall-mounted, or that mirror you keep in your purse. The determining factors for what type of mirror you should get and why are:

  • How much space do you have?
  • Your home salon’s aesthetic.
  • Quality of lighting in your space.

We recommend these:


rich snippets when searching for home salon equipment

2.     Ergonomic home salon chair

Indeed, a good wooden chair, stool or any other seating apparatus will make a good home salon bum rest, however, one advantage that salon chairs have over normal chairs is, salon chairs are easily adjustable in terms of angle and height, most don’t stain easily, and the swivelling allows you to view yourself without strain.

On top of that, if you are planning to venture into the beauty industry, you will get the first-hand experience on how to better serve your future customers. Therefore, if you have the resources, invest in a good salon chair or an ergonomic barber chair.

Furthermore, when picking salon chairs, you should make sure that:

  • It can hold your weight.
  • Material/fabric is sewed on tightly.
  • Doesn’t absorb liquid and is easy to clean.
  • Easy assembly.

Added features such as a footrest are welcome, but that may require extra space. So, measure your space before you buy it.

Here are some great choices:

3.     Ergonomic home salon workstation

In-home salons, workstations serve two main functions, one is to hold your mirror and two to double up as storage space. Additionally, we discourage workstations that require plumbing as that will drive up your installation bill or require some remodelling.

I must say that when it comes to workstations, you have a lot of DIY options, so if you can’t afford a new one. An old desk or suitable fixture that can hold your vanity mirror will get the job done!


Home salon equipment guide part 2: ergonomic home salon design

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Planning your space following the rules of ergonomics serves to prevent discomfort and injury. remember, you are creating a space where you can relax, unwind, and be with yourself or mates. To that end, the rules you must follow are:

All home salon equipment should be the right height

Unlike commercial salons that are built for one specific purpose, your home salon is a dual-purpose space. Meaning, one day you may need that space. Consequently, you must make sure that your beauty area doesn’t hinder your normal activities.

We recommend that you use your elbows and knees as guides, for example, when seated at your workstation, do you bend or have to put yourself in awkward positions to use the mirror?

The point is, any setup that causes you to arch your back or is too squeezed will result in injuries/discomfort. So, make sure that what you get is the right size and that you have enough space for it. Remember, proper posture eliminates aches, pains, and muscle imbalances.

Lighten and Brighten up your space

‘Lightening’ means to avoid purchasing heavy movable or immovable fixtures. For example, a salon workstation should be placed in a static position. Thus, you should not have to move heavy objects whenever you want to use your space.

On the other hand, brightening up your space is about bringing in more light. One way to do that is to place a giant mirror strategically near a pleasant light source. I say ‘pleasant’ because harsh lighting such as placing your mirror facing the sun directly will hurt your eyes.

Natural light is great, but, what if you are setting up your salon in the basement or attic?

That situation will require a little inventiveness, for example, install lights near walls or install suitable lighting fixtures. Here is a setup for inspiration:

Customize your space to fit you


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Depending on the number of people in your home, it’s important to customize your home salon to fit the height and size of everyone. Doing that will serve to reduce discomfort and fixture abuse stemming from individuals trying to adjust or angle your home salon equipment.

Customizing your space means looking at what you love and weighing how it will affect functionality. Thus, choose a theme and build your space around it.

Choosing themes is great in that it narrows down your choices considerably. Consequently, you can make your space truly your own by:

  • Picking photos and artwork that fit in.
  • Buying aesthetically appealing rugs.
  • Include scents such as vanilla or whatever you love
  • Pick your favourite colours
  • Use drapes, curtains, or room dividers to create ambiance.
  • Add accessories.

Home salon equipment guide: what is your reason for starting a home salon?

It is possible to turn a home salon into a business, consequently, think long term when setting up your space.

If you are planning to offer commercial services, designate at most 1,200 square feet, why? That’s enough space for six operators plus their equipment, it also gives you plenty of room for your home salon equipment or storage.

Basements, attics, or storage sheds can all be transformed into a fully functional salon or barbershop. Just make sure that you have enough funds and that you only purchase equipment from reliable retailers!

What are the legal and leasing requirements?

In Australia, laws govern what you can start and where. Consequently, if you are renting or leasing, talk to your lender or landlord, and find out the stipulations in your contract. If it is your home, find out if you need:

  • Operation license.
  • License to sell retail or service license
  • Fire department permit.
  • Cosmetology license.

Learn and join trade Organisations in your area

Understanding both legal and social intricacies of running a home-based salon can be challenging, however, joining a trade organization in your area cuts the learning curve by half. Because… you get industry secrets from operators who have been at it longer than you have.

Remember, you are running a business here and any advice that will save you money or improve your method should be embraced.

Get the accessories you need

Your home salon is not complete without accessories, on the basic level, you need, bowls and brushes, sectioning clips, gloves to protect your hands, combs, and a lot of Vaseline.

On the macro level:  branded capes and towels, a logo, and a business name if you are planning a commercial setup.


Building a home-based salon is an investment worth the Hussle, however, the cost of purchasing new equipment might discourage some. Consequently, go for salon basics such as a quality vanity mirror, and build your space around it.

Remember, you don’t have to buy home salon equipment at once!

Do you own a home-based salon? Let’s have a conversation in the comment section!

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