how to build a strong brand identity for your beauty salon

How To Build a Strong Brand Identity For Your Beauty Salon

A good beauty salon brand identity doesn’t fall from the sky, by that I mean you require a well thought out strategy that will differentiate your business from competitors no matter your inspiration.

The thing is, without a strong brand, a product or service is almost irrelevant. Consequently, if you are looking for branding ideas or inspiration. Don’t follow trends blindly, instead, gather ideas you like and add some of your personality to it. This way, your business will feel like a person! To help you through this worthy Endeavor, today, we ask three very simple questions

How do you build a strong beauty salon brand identity?

What are the three characteristics of a strong salon brand identity?

What should be included in a beauty salon’s brand identity strategy?

These questions plus plenty more will be answered in 7 minutes or less!

How Do You Build a Strong Brand Identity For a Salon?

You already know what your end goal is, right? So, let’s skip all that “discover your purpose” mumbo jumbo and get to the heart of it!

A strong brand identity for a salon is built via your overall setup, by that I mean, the way you decorate and furnish your beauty salon tells the customer who you are and what your target demographic is.

This means identifying philosophies such as your mission statement and values. Furthermore, the reason for coming up with a philosophy is to establish intrinsic value for your customers that will stand the test of time.

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How do you do that?

Step 1: Pick a theme suitable for your salon

Picking a theme means surrounding your customers with ‘things’ that lift their spirits. For example, if your target demographic is kids, a playful atmosphere or theme is best suited for your setup. Consequently, you’ll have to invest in furniture, artwork, and colours all suitable for kids.

While picking themes, it is important to ensure that it fits the space available. Consequently, if you have a small space, go for themes suitable for small spaces. Meaning, don’t copy someone else’s style blindly. Another thing to consider is your budget, remember, the money you have determines what you can buy. So be true to yourself here.

That said, the first thing I’d do when picking a theme for a beauty salon is… find a centrepiece or a furniture item that grabs visitor attention at first sight!

For example, this brown Escobar Barber Chair would make the perfect centrepiece for anyone going for a bold themed setup. Notice how this barber chair combines traditional aesthetics with modern seating necessities.

rich snippets when searching for brand identity

From it, you have already laid out your ground point or a start point. Meaning, if it is a brown bold stylish barber chair, the next question should be, what colours go well with brown?

According to Architecture Lab, white, black, blue, and yellow are amongst the many colours that compliment brown. Consequently, the wise thing to do here is to invest in workstations that balance or contrast brown.


Here are a few suggestions.

rich snippets when searching for brand identity

Once you have your furniture, the next step is to paint your walls.

Step 2: create a suitable colour palette

Whether you choose to mix and match or to match colours depends on the overall customer experience you want to create. Therefore, start with a logo and choose the right font.

Additionally, logos in salons or barbershops should be placed in the most visible part of your space, for example, on your windows or a wall that’s in your face without being distracting. I suggest the wall behind your waiting chair so that anyone walking in sees the logo and the name of your place.

And don’t forget that the name of your barbershop or beauty salon’s purpose is to conjure up the vision of the nature of your business in your client’s minds. For example, a name like “kitty’s Beauty Parlour” conjures up visions of a fun atmosphere, whereas, “Hepburn Hair” or “Blushington beauty and makeup lounge” shows class or a relaxed atmosphere.

Step 3: get the right accessories

Beauty salon branding goes beyond furniture, you also have to consider the tools you’ll use and the clothes your staff will wear. For example, if you are going for a “fun” brand identity, you can be playful with the setup.

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On top of that, the service you offer should match the theme of your space. By that I mean, if you want a place that encourages interaction, hire talkative staff to keep your customers entertained. For instance, if your main target is kids, hire stylists who are good with kids. Not ones who get irritated quickly or are impatient.

Remember, it is about creating a journey through your space. Thus, everything within your space should work in unison to create an experience people will look forward to. You don’t need to move if your current salon isn’t perfect, remember, you can always remodel.

Once you have all that setup, the next step is to look at the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. Consequently, you have to ask:

What are the Characteristics of a Strong Salon Brand Identity?

1.     Distinctiveness

What is your approach to service delivery? See, to build a strong brand identity the services you deliver have to be different from competitors in some way. Furthermore, you have to give specific reasons why your customers should use your services time and time again.

This takes us back to:

  • Investing in the right kind of salon or barbershop furniture.
  • Picking a suitable theme and name for your business.
  • Going the extra mile in service delivery.

2.     Competitiveness

How competitive your salon business is depended on how your entire team works together. The trick is to find people who enjoy working together and provide them with suitable furnishings and accessories, thus:

  • Find unique overalls or work clothes.
  • Set the right social atmosphere.
  • Go beyond customer expectations, for example, give back or offer discounts for loyal customers if need be.
3.     Consistency

Consistency is about delivering the same level or even better service over time, consequently, if customers are complaining. Get to the root cause of the problem and weed it out!

Another thing is to create a consistent experience, thus, if you have multiple rooms or multiple salons. Create a consistent experience at all locations.

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How-to Build a Strong Salon Brand Identity Beyond your Premises

We are passed the age of relying on walk-in clients only, nowadays, building a salon’s brand identity requires you to get as much exposure as you can for your business. To that end.

Use word of mouth

The basics of exposure is creating a customer experience so good that clients will want to authentically refer your business to others. Forthwith, we recommend that you focus on the continuous improvement of your services until customers start talking organically about your business.

That means:

  • Hiring people who know what they are doing.
  • Handling arising issues professionally.
  • Treating all your clients with respect.

After you get people talking, the next step is to take your business to social media.

Social media sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter are funnelling points for customers. It is where you showcase the work you are most proud of and the facilities you have. There is no right or wrong way to get exposure, the only rule is, “get ‘them’ to talk about you”.

How to Make People Talk about your Brand

Provoke their emotions by doing something different and interesting

Marketers use emotions to trigger buying all the time, on your part, what you have to do is something that resonates with your target audience. For example, give back to the community by, say, volunteering your services at a senior centre. This will not only get people in your area talking, but it will also tell them that your business is part of the community.

In short, volunteer work should be done with sincerity, thus, don’t just do it because you want exposure. Instead, do it to showcase the type of service you deliver. Remember, the emotional response you are targeting are:

  • Joy: bring joy and lightness.
  • Self-esteem: make your clients feel good about themselves.
  • Amusement: help clients relax and relieve stress.
  • Fear: make them aware of the need for your services.
  • Affection: show them that you care about their needs, not just the money.
  • Surprise: give back or do something unexpected that will stay in your client’s heads.
  • Trust: deliver quality services each time every time.
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How to build a strong salon brand identity online

Once you have refined service delivery, the next step is to expand your business onto the internet.

If you are starting from scratch and already have some clients, a good way to get more following is to simply ask clients to follow you on social media. That said.  Although social media is a very strong marketing tool, you should not be over-reliant on it, why?

A very salesy approach can, to some, feel disingenuous. So instead, the idea is to create positive impressions in all your interactions. Furthermore, it is in your benefit to find high profile satisfied clients or ones with a substantial following within your area. I stress in your area because, if you work with an “influencer” from say another state or country. People will notice.

The Right way to Build Salon Brand Identity Online

  • Focus your efforts on a specific target audience: appealing to everyone is not an achievable goal.
  • Make a promise: your brand slogan and name should promise service you can deliver.
  • Unique proposition: do something different or better than the competition.
  • Offer consistency: on social media, know what to show and what to hide.
  • Tell stories: use Instagram or Facebook to showcase tour best work or to engage with customers.
  • Create a business website: use social media to funnel traffic to your business website and add content regularly for more exposure.
  • Invest in advertising: if you have the resources, advertise your business locally, or target a specific area.
  • Authenticity: match what you say.
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Building a strong brand identity for your salon encompasses not only getting the right furniture but also providing services that customers will look forward to coming back to. The overriding principle is to focus on the continuous improvement of both your marketing efforts and the services you provide. You can even incorporate this into your home salon too.

So, talk to your customers on a human level. Get to know what turns them on and what they dislike. Furthermore, if you choose to take your message online. Don’t just put it out there and hope for the best. Instead, target your message to people who can access your services, not ones in far off areas. This is in part because of the nature of the business you are in.

What are your thoughts on this? Or rather what defines your salon’s brand? Let’s have that discussion in the comment section.

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