how to pick the right hairdressing basin

How To Pick The Right Hairdressing Basin

Hairdressers would know the struggle of finding a good hairdressing basin. We’ve all worked in salons before when there is a basin we just aren’t happy with. Sometimes they are too old and the design doesn’t fit the decor, sometimes they are just poorly designed, while other times they just aren’t comfortable for the client. All of these different factors can make for a poor experience for both you and the customer. There are a few little steps you can take in ensuring you find the right basin for you. 


Pick a Hairdressing Basin To Suit Your Space:

Are you a home salon or an established franchise? This question is so important because it could be the biggest deciding factor when it comes to selecting a basin. Many home salons tend to pick smaller basins, with sleek designs. They generally need some that are easy to store and don’t take up much room. If you’re starting a home salon, it’s important to remember that most basins require plumbing. If you’re looking at putting it in your garage, you may need to call out a plumber. 


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Mobile salons may need to think a little out the box. Selecting a basin may require careful consideration because not every house you enter will have the layout. A portable basin is one to really consider if you plan on working out. They are easy to transport and collapse. They won’t take long to set up and have the ability to adjust the height. They’ll easily disassemble so you can easily move them between homes. Just like all basins, you’ll need water. Additionally you’d need somewhere to empty the greywater too. Often, people opt to use them in bathrooms or a laundry. The pipe is placed in a drain or sink, while the taps get connected to a water source. Furthermore, you’ll need to also take a portable chair, or use one of the clients to complete the colouring service.


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Well established salons with multiple stores may place more of an emphasis on the design above all else. Since most salons will be fitted for a fixed basin, your job may not need much else by picking something that will go well with your branding and unique look.


Set The Salon With Style


We can’t stress enough that you need to be in love with the design of the basin. If it doesn’t go well with your salon, you may end up hating it. Try and pick one that will tie in nicely with your colour scheme and is made from sturdy and durable materials. If you own a franchise or more than one salon, you might want to purchase the same hairdressing basin across all stores for branding. Aesthetics are important in this day and age, so make it count. 


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The easiest colour to work with is a black basin. The colour goes well with all possible design combinations and doesn’t stain easily. Since you’ll be using hair colours and carrying out other services, it’s best to go for a hardy colour that’s a little more forgiving. If you wanted to add a little bit more colour to it, you can also get some designs with chrome finishes on the handles, or models that offer studded embellishments to help stand out amongst the crowd. 


It’s All About Comfort


While looks may be important to you, clients care for comfort. A pampering session isn’t complete unless the client feels relaxed and satisfied. Other than providing them with an incredible hairstyle, it’s also in your best interest to give them comfort too. While having a comfortable salon chair for the hair procedure will provide them with the most comfort, a relaxing wash at the basin is more memorable. 


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Basins that recline or offer footrests will be ideal for salons with space. It’s the ultimate way for clients to rest and fall asleep while they receive a relaxing head massage.  This is really what will set your salon apart from the rest. Even if you go for a portable basin, you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort. Add things like neck rests and silicon inserts to the basin for the extra level of comfort. Some hairdressers will also roll up a towel to place under the client’s neck for added support. If you select a basin with adjustable bowls, you won’t need to place towels under them. You can move the height and angle for each client for their specific needs. 


Don’t forget to check up on the client throughout the whole process. Ask them for feedback on the service and experience. Most of the time they will happily list areas of improvement, with the right hairdressing basin, you can be confident that this isn’t an area of issue. 

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