preparing for a furniture delivery

How to prepare for furniture delivery in 5 simple steps!

Furniture delivery without proper preparation is a disaster waiting to happen, think about it, there is no guarantee that your workstation will fit your stairway unless you’ve measured, correct? 

Today, we ask the question, how do I prepare for furniture delivery?

This guide is for those of you who are planning on purchasing new furniture or replacing old salon gear.


How to prepare for furniture delivery in 5 simple steps!.

How does furniture delivery work?.

The basics: Do you tip a furniture delivery person?.

Is it rude not to tip?. 1

Furniture delivery preparation step 1: measure, measure, measure.

Measure the path of furniture delivery?.

Furniture delivery preparation step 2: paint or buy furniture first, what to do?.

Paint or buy furniture first?.

Furniture delivery preparation Step 3: learn how to spot defects.

How can you tell if the furniture is good quality?.

Furniture delivery preparation step 4: what are other customers saying?.

Furniture delivery step 5: prepare your space.

Bonus Tip: Protect your floors and walls.

What should I do with my old furniture?.

What happens if you are not home for furniture delivery?.



How does a furniture delivery work?

As is today, plenty of people are worried that fixtures they ordered will either be delayed or never show up at all! See normally, furniture delivery takes about 2 to 4 weeks, but the coronavirus has caused plenty of countries to close their borders thereby disallowing the smooth sail of shipping items.

Consequently, it is now easier to get furniture from retailers and manufacturers within your borders than from overseas.

If you are within Australia, reliable furniture dealers like Glammar ship Furniture products in between 1 to 5 business days. When the product or furniture you ordered gets to your door, all you have to do is sign for it, or give an authority to leave.

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The basics: Do you tip a furniture delivery person?

Tipping is customary, meaning, no one will hold it against you if you decide not to. The decision is up to you, however, companies like Business Insider recommend anywhere from $5 to $20 tips for furniture delivery men and women.

Is it rude not to tip?

That depends entirely on the service you receive, if it’s bad, you don’t need to. But if someone goes out of his or her way to help say with furniture arrangement, a service that’s not often part of the job description. Then it is good practice to reward that person for his or her effort.

Furniture delivery preparation step 1: measure, measure, measure

Glammar provides width, depth, and height for every piece of furniture in our inventory that’s essential in that. With that information, you’d be able to tell how hard or easy it is to set up your new furniture.

What should I measure?

In your salon or barbershop, measure the height, width, and depth of the space you intend to put your new furniture. If you have an item of the same dimensions, use it as a sit-in to see how your new workstation or lounge chair will look.

You should also consider ‘traffic flow’. Traffic flow as we discussed in a previous article is an important aspect of interior design that should never be overlooked. Remember, the less legroom you have, the higher the probability of accidents and conflicts.

Measure the path of furniture delivery?

Remember how hard it is to get a couch through a door? Now imagine trying to get one that doesn’t fit up a stairway. All the angling, sweat, and heated tempers will only serve to exacerbate the situation.

To avoid this situation, what you should do is first measure the path for delivery.

You have to ask:

  • Is the path too narrow?
  • How much help will I need?
  • How many corners?
  • Will it fit in the elevator?

All these questions can be answered via measuring. BUT! And that’s a big one, just because the doorways fit, it doesn’t mean that all corners will be easy to navigate. So, pay close attention to the path, i.e. measure:

  • Doorways: how wide, interior width and height, and architectural details that may hinder smooth transport
  • Stairways: measure around landings, floor to ceiling height, and stairway width
  • Hallways: note low hanging fixtures and measure the width

Furniture delivery preparation step 2: paint or buy furniture first, what to do?

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Your salon furniture is part of the overall aesthetic of your business, meaning, colours, style, and design should not collide with the overall look and feel of your business. To be safe and to save plenty of money, home styling experts recommend that you find colours that go well together. For example, if you are buying upholstery, get a sample of the fabric used and put it next to the colour you intend to paint the wall. This will tell you whether or not the colours go well together.

Consequently, you should install lighting first on your premises, why?

Colours look different under different lighting conditions, for example, colours like pink amplify lights while duller colours dim it. The point is, go for furniture you love and then paint the walls to create a unified look for branding purposes.

Paint or buy furniture first?

I’d say, buy furniture first before painting…. But don’t forget, that decision is entirely up to you. Alternatively, you can paint neutral colours/earth tones such as black, grey, or white as these colours will go with anything.

Two problems that you might encounter are

  1. how do I paint around new furniture? 

To counter the second problem before it occurs, it is good practice to keep new furniture somewhere else while painting. If that is not possible, covering furniture with stack plastic or something similar should keep paint from splashing onto your precious fixtures.

  1. How do you get rid of the paint smell on furniture?

Odourless paint exists, but it is expensive. Hence, most people go for normal paint.

The smell of fresh paint and paint thinner can make your space unlivable for a while especially to people who are prone to allergies. That said, in about 14 to 24 weeks, paint smell will go away by itself. To hasten this process, you should add paint absorbers such as several boxes of baking soda or charcoal to your space. Proper ventilation is also key, because, flowing air keeps odours from stagnating.


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Furniture delivery preparation Step 3: learn how to spot defects

With all the excitement of getting new salon furniture, you might overlook the importance of defect checking. A defect is simply a flaw in your furniture.

How can you tell if the furniture is good quality?

Any wobble, creek, or twist after proper assembly should be considered as defective. If you are buying wooden furniture, avoid ones made of wood that scratches easy or are poorly reviewed. My advice, buy from a quality furniture dealer!

How do you classify defects?

Minor, major, critical… Minor defects such as scratches that may have happened during transportation are acceptable to some, but if a flaw hinders work, then that piece of furniture is of no use. Therefore, when new furniture gets delivered, check it from top to bottom before you store it.

what to do if my item arrives damaged?

By signing or accepting a package, what you are saying is “I’m satisfied with my purchase”. The problem is, this can weaken your argument if you find defects afterwards. Therefore, if what you are buying is very expensive, I suggest you get a carpenter to look at it before you sign.

The point is, on delivery day, screw your head on straight, leave the excitement to when you are sure you got exactly what you ordered.

Tip: A carpenter or someone with a keen eye for defects by your side should prove useful.

Furniture delivery preparation step 4: what are other customers saying?

Before you buy anything online or offline, it is important to look at client testimonials. What you want to avoid are furniture items with lots of negative feedback. Also, check and read the paperwork before you sign, and don’t forget, if you don’t get any protections such as a warranty or guarantee and the product is defective, you might end up having very little recourse.

Furniture delivery step 5: prepare your space

Kid’s toys, lamps, rugs, plants, and other things that might hinder easy placement should be removed. You should also pay attention to what’s above you, you don’t want to risk breaking a lamp/chandelier, scratching the ceiling or someone getting injured on your premises.

Salon furniture delivery preparation tips:

  • Contact the furniture store to find out the expected time of arrival
  • Measure the hallways, doorways, stairways, and final positions
  • On delivery day, keep kids and pets away from the delivery path
  • Loose rugs and other tripping hazards should be removed
  • Move old furniture
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Bonus Tip: Protect your floors and walls

Not all delivery persons will take kindly to being asked to remove their shoes, it is just human nature. Consequently, it is advisable to take steps to protect your floors.

Remember, you are not just protecting your flow from mud or dirt here, you are also protecting it from heavy objects that may scratch or break your floors.

What if the walls are still wet?

Simple contact with wet paint will damage both the product and your wall. To prevent mistakes, clear the delivery path beforehand, and inform the deliverers where the problem areas might be.

To both ends, you should:

  • Keep a heavy-duty rug or mat at the front door for shoe wiping.
  • Furniture should be carried, not dragged.
  • Layout non-slip-resistant and non-adhesive floor covers on the path.

What should I do with my old furniture?

Just because it’s no longer useful to you, it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t find a use for it, does it?

The problem with pushing old furniture to the side is, it is a waste of space. To keep your salon or barbershop clutter-free, you should donate it, trade it for something else, repair then sell, or just take it home and find a use for it.

What happens if you are not home for furniture delivery?

First, relax, your furniture will not go missing, what usually happens is the courier will either attempt to reach you by phone or leave a note if you are unavailable, the delivery will be fulfilled the next working day.


Furniture delivery most of the time goes fluidly, however, to lessen possible damage or missed deliveries. You should, know exactly when and at what time your new furnishings will be delivered, two, on delivery day, get a carpenter or someone with a keen eye to inspect your purchase before you buy, and third, prepare your space for delivery. All you need to do now is style space! Awkwardly shaped salons can be tricky, so plan carefully!

I.e., remove clutter, protect your floors, and measure your doorways, stairways, elevator, and overall path.

How do you prepare for furniture delivery? Tell us in the comments!


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