Salon hair accessories are hairstylists’ invisible help. You may have unique skills, passion for work, and a broad client portfolio, but you need day-to-day tools and equipment to provide exceptional outcomes. Furnishing and stocking a salon is a challenge that requires constant trend pickups and smart investments.

Stay on Top of Modern Hair Accessories

Specific fashions are gone with the wind while some trends last for years. Moreover, it is easy for a beginner hairdresser to forget the type of salon furniture and salon accessories you need to stock as a regular supply. Even as an experienced hairstylist, it is not easy to keep track of all bottles, clips, ties, mirrors, bowls, and electrical equipment accessories. If you want to get value for your money, you need a careful plan and a steady, reliable supplying partner. 

Salon Accessories Checklist

Overwhelmed by all accessories you need to stock in your salon? We have you covered - take a look at this hairdresser checklist to stay on top and stay inspired:☑️ Salon equipment ☑️ Beauty tools ☑️Brushes and combs ☑️Furniture accessories ☑️Sectioning clips ☑️Aprons and capes ☑️Barbershop accessories. 

Splurge on salon chairs, salon trolleys and other functional salon equipment. Save on jumbo accessory packs and grow your business with satisfaction and without risk.  

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