Barber Salon

Barber Salon

Do you think that furnishing a barber salon area is easier than designing the layout of another type of salon? Think again. With thoughtfully selected barber shop furniture, you need to meet the needs of an altogether specific clientele. As a matter of fact, many combined contemporary salons aren't without a barber salon area.

How can you make the most of your salon when you need to keep an eye on each end every tiny detail for versatile clients? Don’t forget that what may seem like a minor point to you can be a key factor in your client’s eyes. Glammar takes a unique approach to provide practical barber shop furniture. Our multi-purpose items works for a variety of salons. We invest in providing barber salon furniture that can be adjusted to alternative salon uses.

But - make no mistake! We haven’t forgotten its majesty - the glorious beard. Our barber chairs are nothing like the rest of our beauty equipment. That is not only what a beard asks for, but also what a modern beard deserves in order to look its best. We get that beards are a subtle show-off. Aside from a great stubble, a client who seats in the great Barber Culture Escobar Barber Chair gets a dash of the classic barbershop experience. Check out our chair selection to see how we do that!

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