Spa Lounge

Spa Lounge

At the height of summer, you can never have enough help and equipment for those countless mani-pedis scheduled in your salon. For an all-encompassing pleasant experience, consider selecting comfortable spa lounges that provide immaculate posture for the client and the pedicure specialist.
Our spa lounges can be assembled and disassembled to fit into removable stands with wheels to move the item around the salon and anti-fatigue mats for greater worker comfort. Such capability can help your hair salon staff organize beauty and spa treatments that fit within every customer’s schedule. Easy to clean and easy to move - what else do you need for doing a great job?

With the Glammar Malta Pedi Stool, your staff can complete pedicures in a breeze. By working together with a colleague to pamper a busy customer, you will have customers leaving your salon happy not only because of beautiful feet but also because of the time saved on getting more than one treatment at once.

For that maximum luxurious experience or relaxation and comfort that accompanies a great pedicure, you can go a step further. Let your customers relax in the white Glammar Elizabeth Spa Lounge to help them float to a rejuvenating destination that ends up in a perfect foot massage and exquisitely chosen toenail colour.

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