Salon Mirror Buying Guide: What Should I Look For When Buying a Mirror?

Salon Mirror Buying Guide: What Should I Look For When Buying a Mirror?

A quality Salon mirror enhances the overall aesthetic of your beauty parlour in more ways than one! For example, Proper mirror positioning will not just make your space appear brighter, but it will also make it look more spacious.

Unfortunately, mirrors are not built the same. Hence, the ability to distinguish quality mirrors from ineffective ones is a vital skill for any salon or barbershop owner. We created this guide to help you find mirrors that suit your space. Thus, we ask the important questions and throw in expert tips to help you create the salon you’ve always dreamed of. We start with three very important questions:

How thick should a salon mirror be?

How do you know if a mirror is of good quality?

What is the best quality mirror?

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How Thick Should a Salon Mirror Be?

When buying mirrors for your home, salon, or business. The important rule to always remember is “the thicker the mirror is, the more support it will require”. See the thing is, in Australia, there is no legislation governing the thickness of commercial mirrors.

Consequently, we advise you to go for 4-millimeter mirrors for homes, and 6mm for commercial properties, why?

Owing to their thickness, 6-millimeter mirrors are less likely to “flex” causing distortion and are unlikely to damage or break due to small missteps.

Furthermore, interior design experts recommend framed mirrors or ones that come with in-built support, because, you won’t have to pay extra to reinforce your salon mirrors.

Acrylic mirrors versus glass mirrors: what is the better option?

Acrylic mirrors have two major drawbacks, that is, one, acrylics bend and flex easily, and two, they are not as durable as glass mirrors when it comes to staying straight. However, if you must have an acrylic mirror, go for small ones and place them near sinks or in ‘out of the way’ spaces.

That said, it is also true that acrylic is much stronger than glass, thus, it withstands collisions and crashes well. Consequently, experts recommend acrylics in areas where safety is a priority.

This raises the question:

How do I Know if a Salon Mirror is of Good Quality?

Reflectivity and flatness are the main determinants of mirror quality, but you also have to look at the secondary qualities.

“Secondary qualities” refer to durability and surface coating. Therefore, the first thing you should do when buying salon mirrors is to check the quality of a reflected image and find any distortion. You should also verify its reflection quality. Remember, A mirror that absorbs more light than it reflects will appear dull, whereas, if it’s not flat enough, images will appear distorted.

Note: Quality mirror back support prevents flexing and the coating determines longevity.

If you are buying salon mirrors online, it is not possible to check the aforementioned features, so to ensure that the mirror you get is the right one, you should:

  • Size matters: for salons, bigger is always better.
  • Thicker is better: thick mirrors take more punishment.
  • Aesthetic appeal: find a mirror that complements your salon’s aesthetic.

What is the Best Quality Mirror?

Overall, the best quality mirror is one that doesn’t absorb light, the surface must not be distorted nor should it garble images, and it should feature adequate back support. Here are the top three mirrors that fit that description.

  1. Glammar’s Mercedes Station double white

We like this mirror because it has a depth of 800mm/ 80cm, offers ample back support, and is super stylish!

  1. Glammar’s Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Bulbs

rich snippets when searching for salon mirrors

For ill-lit salons or if you work beyond usual work hours, this vanity mirror will make your work easier. It is a professional-quality mirror that features bulbs thus perfect for salons, home studios, or even your bedroom!

Another thing I must mention about vanity mirrors is some are sealed to keep the reflective substrate from oxidizing; thus, vanity mirrors last longer than average mirrors.

  1. Glammar’s princess mirror

Rich snippets when searching for salon mirror

This mirror is both a functional unit and an art piece, meaning… if you are going for a bold, luxurious, or elegant aesthetic. This piece will fit right in!

Salon Mirror Buying Tips

When buying any type of furniture, this is what you must do:

Measure your space

All items on professional online furniture retailer stores have measurements. The reason for that is to ensure that what you buy fits your space.

To that end, use a tape measure to determine the height and width of where you’ll hang your mirror. Also, if you choose a mirror that features back support, measure the depth to ensure that it doesn’t take up too much legroom.

Hire a reliable mirror company

You may fail to find a mirror that suits your aesthetic. if you find yourself in such a position, hire a reliable custom mirror company.

Choose thicker mirrors

As previously stated, thick mirrors are less likely to distort and last longer.

Salon mirror types

In any salon, there are three main types of mirrors, namely, wall mirrors, floor mirrors, and dressing table mirrors.

Each type of mirror is suitable for a specific type of job, for example, floor mirrors capture the whole body, whereas, dressing table mirrors are better-suited for styling or cutting. Consequently, proper mirror placement is vital in any space.

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Salon Mirror Placement: How to Feng Shui your Space

The term “feng shui” refers to a system of laws that govern spatial arrangement and orientational flow of energy in any space. The intricacies and origins of this term are not important, what’s important is how you optimize your salon for maximum comfort without sacrificing functionality.

Strategic salon mirror placement rules:

Place mirrors near lights but not in the direct path

Light sources differ, but what doesn’t change is that mirrors reflect light. Consequently, the strategic placement of mirrors in your space will result in better lighting and create the illusion of a bigger space.

But the thing is, light reflected from a mirror directly can be bothersome to the eye. Such type of placement can also make salon work much harder than it should be. To avoid this problem in your salon, or home, experts recommend that you place mirrors near light sources but not directly. You should also optimize mirror placement in the following ways:

  • For natural light, place floor mirrors or full-length mirrors by a window.
  • To create a ‘welcoming feel’, place a mirror in your entryway and or exit.
  • Frames and design of your mirrors should match your salon’s overall aesthetic.
  • Group mirrors to bring in more light to dark sections.
  • For tall rooms hang vertical mirrors and in long rooms use horizontal wall mirrors.
Mirror size will make or break ‘your’ space

Mirror size matters!

That means, the size of your room dictates what you should put in it. Think about it, if a mirror is too big, it will eat up space, and if it’s too small, it can interfere with salon work.

For example, if mirrors facing each other are not the same size, your space will end up feeling disjointed.

There is also the issue of dirty spaces and privacy. The thing is, a mirror will reflect anything that’s directly in its path, meaning, if one is placed near dirty drains or facing something unpleasant outside or inside your space. That is exactly what your customers will see whilst at your place.

Therefore, take some time to look at your mirrors from different angles. If you notice something that should be placed out of your client’s view, adjust your mirror.

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Salon mirrors should be placed opposite beautiful views

Artwork, logos, and other ‘beautiful items’ should be placed in full view of your customers. Remember, it is about creating an experience, thus, your salon’s positive visuals should always be front and centre.

Salon Bathroom mirrors are a necessity

Bathroom mirrors not only provide a private space for customers to check their hairdo, but they also create a sort of ‘cleaning action’. I.e. Bringing in more light, and giving your bathroom a fresh feel.

We recommend large horizontal mirrors in bathrooms.

What is the Importance of Mirrors in a Salon or Barbershop?

In any space, mirrors are used for a variety of reasons, for example, some mirrors are used to make a style or fashion statement, and others are simply used for their primary function. The reasons why you should install plenty of mirrors in your salon include:

  • Increase your salon’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Maximize room lighting.
  • Proper mirror placement can help discourage pilferage.
  • Mirrors can hide imperfections on walls.
  • Mirrors create the illusion of more space.


Mirrors are an essential addition to salons, barbershops, or any commercial space. However, proper placement is most important because it will determine the overall aesthetic of your space. Consequently, what you must do is get the right-sized mirrors for your space, place them strategically, and know what to show and what to hide.

In the end, the right mirror for your space is entirely dependent on the type of space you want to create. So be creative and share your experiences with salon mirrors in the comments section.

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