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Salon Remodelling Tips: How can I improve my hair salon business?

Salon remodelling for the sake of enhancing customer experience is a smart decision that you won’t regret any time soon. However, without a solid plan, this Endeavor is no different from flushing money down the toilet. 

Following interior design canon, and after speaking to multiple clients who have recently remodelled their salons. We compiled fool proof salon remodelling tips that are sure to WOW your customers! But before we get to the meat of it, it is important to realize that salon remodelling, if done right, will improve customer satisfaction, attract new customers and important of all, keep your clients, staff, and yourself safe.

Salon Remodelling Basics: How Can I Design my Salon?

When remodelling a salon or home, it is good practice to start with an empty room.

This way, you know what to show and what to hide, for example, if one of your walls is not the right colour and you are not allowed to paint it. You can find ways to hide the wall using dividers, curtains, and or salon furniture. Thus, you’ll know where to splurge and where to save. Furthermore, empty space makes furniture arrangement easier.

On top of all that, an empty room puts you in a better position to decide what type of floor plan suits it. Consequently, you have the option to go for a closed space or an open-concept salon.

How to Furnish an Open Concept Salon Like a Pro

The overall aesthetic of your salon business is dependent on the type of furniture you purchase. Consequently, for an open floor plan, interior design experts recommend that you go for a healthy mix of large and small furnishings.


Depending on how much space you have to work with, large pieces of furniture such as free-standing styling stations can double up as room dividers. The trick is, build your space around the furniture you have.

To clarify, let’s say, for example, you run a barber salon and you get Glammar’s Hollywood vanity mirror. This is your focal point from where you can build the aesthetic you want. What do I mean?

Find a centrepiece for your space, and from there, match or contrast it to create the overall aesthetic you want, make sense?

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 Axial Furniture Arrangement versus Linear Organisation

I must mention that the most important aspect of both open and closed concept salon plans is how people move between spaces.

That said…

Salon furniture arrangement can be optimized for flow in two ways.

One, you can opt for ‘Axial Arrangement’ where there are two or more significant points that define your space. For example, your reception area on one linear path and the work area on the other. Here is a perfect example

linear organization 

on the other hand, ‘Linear Organization’ simply involves planning your space in a straight line, kind of like this:

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At this stage, the important thing to do is to optimize for flow! Remember, no one will condemn you if you take a few liberties here and there as long as it suits your space.

Furniture Placement in an Open Concept Salon

Following the two furniture arrangement options above and keeping salon chairs at least 40 inches apart, open salon remodelling will be easy if you do the following:

1.    Find a focal point

A focal point can be anything including your windows, built-in units, or even the aforementioned vanity mirror. The idea is to create an area that draws the human eye each time someone enters your space.

2.    Think volume

The bigger your space, the more stuff you can put in. Thus, for an open concept salon, we recommend that you never overfill your space.

3.    Bring the outdoors indoors

Natural lighting coupled with strategic furniture placement will improve lighting and the overall aesthetic of your place. For example, mirrors near windows will reflect light and so will bright coloured walls and floors.

4.     Subdivide activity zones

Using salon furniture or room dividers as obstacles, define spaces for all activity.

Similarly, specialized services such as waxing should be located well out of the way both for privacy and easier traffic flow.

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Salon Remodelling: How to furnish a closed concept salon like a pro 

A closed concept floor plan means you have multiple rooms to work with. Consequently, the overall idea here is to create a unifying aesthetic. To that end, you should consider the following.

What colour is the wall and what items do you need?

Your space will feel disjointed if furnishings and walls in one room look different from the others, consequently, a good start point is to find a unifying theme

Salon remodelling: How to decorate with a unifying style

As mentioned above, the single most important part of unifying a salon or closed concept space is the furniture, why? Furniture colors and styles either contrast or complement each other. Because of that, we recommend that you purchase furniture first before you start painting your walls, why?

That question takes us back to focal points, see in any salon or barbershop. Your main focal points are furniture pieces including workstations, barber chairs or any essential furniture that draws the eye.

An easy way to create a unifying pattern is to pick up the furniture lines of your work stations and repeat that line or curve throughout your space.

1.    Don’t go overboard with colours

A limited colour palette is beneficial in that it won’t detract individual rooms or spaces from your overall theme. For instance, if one room is orange and the other is green, your salon won’t feel unified.

Therefore, practice consistency, whereby, everything fits into a unifying theme. Make sense?

2.      Match furniture, wood types and overall style

In the same room, mismatching items or creating contrast is easy, alternatively, if you are going for a closed concept. It is good practice to find furniture pieces that complement each other.


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Why furniture is vital for salon remodelling

Salon furniture brings out the style and character of your business. Henceforth, think of your space as a living being, and ask yourself this: what kind of clientele are you targeting, is it, kids? Working mums? Men? Women?

The thing is, each demographic has a preferred style, for example, kids prefer a fun atmosphere whereas busy mums prefer a relaxed atmosphere where they can sit back and relax for some hours. Because of that, it is very important to get the right type of furniture for each section of your business.

Salon Remodelling Must-Haves

 waiting room furniture 

Your waiting room should not only be inviting, but it should also be a place of comfort. To that end you need two very important items:

Reception desk and waiting lounge

Your reception desk is the main focal point in your waiting room area. Thus, this is your start point. By that I mean, anything else you put in your reception area should serve to complement or contrast your reception desk.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

rich snippets when searching for salon remodeling

What is a good reception desk without a quality lounge chair?

Don’t forget, hair cutting and styling often takes time, consequently, some clients will have to wait. On your part, what you have to provide is a comfortable facility to keep customers from becoming impatient. That means a good waiting chair, some form of entertainment, and an ottoman or table.


Storage and shelving

Storage spaces in your salon are essential in that they allow for a smooth workflow.

In smaller spaces, we recommend mobile storage units. On the other hand, if you have a little more room to play with. Install display spaces or larger pieces to act as focal points.

 Styling station area

A typical salon workspace is composed of a wall-mounted/ free standing workstation, mirror, and seat. For a unified look, go for similar coloured chairs, workstations, and mirrors.

Salon Remodelling: What to do with Old Furniture 

Salon Remodeling doesn’t mean that you have to buy everything new, to save a little, you should consider repurposing old salon furniture, how do you do that?

  • Repaint or Spray paint old furniture to fit your new aesthetic
  • Reupholster: replace fabric or mend broken areas to give sofas, and other upholstery a fresh look
  • Faded cushion covers can be cheaply replaced with similar or different fabrics
  • Slipcovers can be used to hide items that don’t fit your aesthetic
  • Remove rust on metal furniture
  • Re-stain weathered wood furniture


Salon remodelling or giving your space a fresh unified look is not as difficult as it sounds. A great start point is to find a focal point in any room and build your space around it. For example, if it’s a bold stylish barber chair, build a bold and stylish aesthetic around that barber chair or chairs to give your place a fresh unified look.

Remember, in any salon, furniture is the most important aspect. So, get the right ones, and ensure that ‘traffic’ flows easily in your space to enhance the customer journey. Furthermore, it is up to you to decide what floor concept fits your business best, so, follow the tips above and tell us in the comments how it worked out!

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